Hand Luggage
General Guidelines

If your hand baggage does not conform to the size specified, you may be denied entry into the departure area or directed back to the check-in desks.

All hand baggage must fit either under the seat in front of you or in one of the overhead lockers. Hand baggage must not obstruct emergency exits or aisles.

Larger laptop bags and standard/bulkier briefcases are not considered a personal item and count towards your standard hand baggage allowance.

Hand Baggage for Infants

In addition to their standard baggage allowances, passengers travelling with infants are permitted to bring one collapsible pram or collapsible buggy up to the boarding gates where the items will be removed and loaded in the hold of the aircraft. At some airports this process is not allowed so please ask the check in agent if you may keep the stroller with you up to the gates.

Infants are entitled to 1 carry-on bag including bedding, napkins, feeding bottles and food. This baggage is free of charge provided that the total mass does not exceed 8kg.

Duty Free Items
Duty free purchases such as liquor, cigarettes and perfume are also permitted in reasonable quantities for all. Passengers with 1 or more connecting flights should consider the liquid restrictions that may be in place at airport security points.
Checked Luggage
As a guide we have provided our standard checked baggage allowances, although there are exceptions based upon certain routes and ticket class. We therefore advise you to also check our baggage allowance exceptions below and, above all, take note of the baggage allowance attached to your booking.

Mahogany Air assesses baggage by number of pieces rather than their weight, although weight restrictions do apply.


Dangerous goods

Certain items may endanger the s

afety of our passengers. Transportation of these items as hand or checked baggage is prohibited or restricted.

Medical mercury thermometer 1 per passenger in checked baggage only
Medical items (including spray cans)The amount that is required on the journey

Electronic cigarettes

Only permitted in hand baggage (may not be used on board)

Lighters/box of matches

1 per passenger, carried by the individual

Consumer electronic devices with lithium ion cells or batteries (max. 100 Wh) Only in hand baggage

Replacement batteries for portable electronic devices / rechargeable battery pack (powerbank)

Spare batteries may only be carried in hand baggage.
Maximum of 2 batteries of 100 Wh to 160 Wh output and only by prior registration.
Batteries over 160 Wh are not allowed.

Dry ice Max. 2.5 kg per passenger by prior registration
Medical oxygen bottle Only in checked baggage by prior registration; max. 5 kg cylinder

Battery-powered wheelchairs and mobility aids for use on board

With non-spillable, spillable or lithium ion batteries by prior registration

Portable oxygen concentrators, other electrical medical devices on board

By prior registration

Heat-generating equipment (battery-operated underwater and diving torches, soldering irons)Only in hand baggage and by prior registration
Avalanche rescue backpack 1 item per passenger by prior registration. Gas cartridge must be put in the backpack (spare cartridges not allowed).
Life jacket1 piece per passenger with prior registration
Insulated packaging containing refrigerated liquid nitrogen By prior registration
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